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Thank you for coming to RehabVault.  If you're a Realtor and want "Insider Access to off-market deals for your clients", this is the place to be.  Complete the form now or read below for a brief introduction to this unique opportunity.   

My name is Mikk Sachar and I'm the owner/founder of RehabVault.com, the area's premier wholesaling operation.  In addition to actively running my wholesaling business, I also invest in fix-n-flip deals and have a significant rental portfolio. 

For quite some time now I've been fortunate enough to get access to a lot of off-market deals not on the MLS.  I wish I could buy them all but unfortunately I can't. 

As such, I'd like to let you know about some of these deals in the hopes you can "tell your Cash Buyer Investors".  Please note, these deals are meant for cash buyers only and not ones looking for financing. 

The NET asking prices of these deals will be, in most cases, 70% or below of retail value, making them perfect investor properties

Maybe you're wondering how you get paid?

Well, ideally the prices on these properties will be so attractive that...
Of course, everything would be done legally and with written agreements in place. 

That's all there is to it. 

Now... if you'd like to get access to off-market deals you never would have known about on your own, please complete the form to get Access Now.  Once you do, you'll be placed on RehabVault's Text Alerts and everytime I have another highly discounted property perfect for your cash buyers, you'll receive a text from me.

You'll receive a Welcome Text immediately after filling in the form. 

Thank you and I hope to work with you real soon.
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