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Press Play and hear what another $500 House-Hunter Fee recipient Ira S. has to say...

"Mikk contacted me out of the blue and said...Ira I owe you $500.  This thing really works!"

Press Play and hear what recent $500 House-Hunter Fee recepient Sandro M. has to say...

"I simply drove around looking for houses and submitted to Mikk the kind of deals he wants and he bought it and gave me my first check for $500.  This works!"

NOTE: I don't have one of those fancy big checks like the Lottery companies, but trust me, my cartoon-looking check still buys $500 worth of stuff just like those other fancy Lottery ones! :-)

Press Play and hear what recent Winner Eric L. has to say...


"I met with Mikk...he's doing big things and proved up and put some money in my pocket.  Check it out...he got it going on!"








Press Play and hear what recent Winner Greg B. has to say...


"I wanted to let you know Mikk is real.  Within 24 hours of winning, I met with him and he paid up!"




More winners to be added soon.

Why don't you be the next one?

Make it happen.

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PPS. Once too many House Hunters join this program, we may stop the program for good!

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