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Hi and thank you for visiting. If you're looking for nice places to rent and at bargain prices… you have come to the right site!

Because I am a small landlord (and not some greedy company) I can offer properties to you for rent at tremendous discounts. The deals I offer will NOT be found anywhere else. I'm often asked why my places are so much cheaper than everyone else?

And the only answer I can think of is...

"I'm not greedy and I'd rather provide you a nice place to live at a fair price and have my places always occupied rather than sitting empty".

So, if you're looking for a place now or would like to get notified when a place becomes available, please take 30 seconds and fill in your information in the form to the right. As soon as you do, you will be taken to another page where you will see VIDEOs of any homes we have available right now for rent.

If we don't have anything right now, we will definitely email you again when one comes available. In addition, you will also get an email from me giving you an opportunity to make $100.00 CASH so definitely look out for my email.

Complete the form now to get instant access to what's available right now.


Mikk Sachar

PS. All my properties are offered at very deep discounts, and as such rent very fast so please be prepared to act quickly when you receive an e-mail alert from me.

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