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If you are Finally ready to sell your unwanted land you have definitely come to the right place

Just imagine having a Chunk of CA$H in your pockets instead of an unwanted property.  Never again having to worry about the tax man calling you on the phone.  No more nasty pink letters demanding you pay for your real estate taxes

Truth is, owning land can be great for some but for most it's just a piece of dirt that sits there and aggravates you.  Constantly worrying about mowing it or making sure no kids or hooligans vandalize it can be stressful. 

And how about people illegally dumping their trash on it.  Sometimes it can just be too much I know

Now, it's possible none of the things above have happened to you but they are way more common than most people think. 

But that doesn't really matter anymore because if you're hear I presume you are ready to sell your land.  And if that's true, I want to make this process as easy as possible.

You see, I'm buying land all over the country right now and I would love to make you a Fair Cash Offer for your property. 

I promise not to waste your time. We can also close pretty fast and the process is super simple. I can even arrange for the closing to take place directly in your home if you like. 

By now, I'm sure you have heard from plenty of other so-called investors who send letters or postcards but run the other way when they discover you only own land and not a house.   

Well, that's not me.  I actually prefer land so please take the next step and fill in your information to the right so we can get started with the sale of your property.  Once you fill in the form, you will hear from me personally either through email or phone with any other questions we may have. 


Mikk Sachar

PS. Want to hear what another land seller had to say about me.  Here's what Vendetta K. of Delta has to say:

"I had a Vacant Lot to sell and after speaking to Mikk about it, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to help but within a few days, he called to say he would try.  Within 3 weeks we closed, leaving me with Peace of Mind!  I basically had nothing to lose becuase my land was about to go up for tax sale but with Mikk’s professionalism, I was able to stay calm and hoping for the best.  Mikk is very easy to talk to and he made me feel very comfortable about the process.  He kept me informed and was very timely with his responses.”

- Vendetta K.
Neill Run Rd, Delta PA – Vacant Lot

If You Are Ready To Sell Your Land Now And Want A Fair Cash Offer, Please Provide Your Information Below!

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Please make sure to provide as much information as you can.  The more information we have the easier and faster our decision-making process will be.

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