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Please read the following instructions and procedures in detail!

In this Training Center you will find Links to Training Videos for different aspects of our business. 

The links will direct you to an off-site location which is the sharing platform we use to host our training videos and downloadable material. 

The training videos will be numerically titled from 1 - ?.  For example the 1st video in the series will be titled "1_whatever_name_etc" the 2nd will be "2_whatever_name_etc". 

You should obviously watch the videos in numerical order to get a complete picture of the entire training series. 

In addition to Training Videos, you will also have access to updated files for download.  These files will include a variety of material that we use in our day-to-day operations here at Rehab Vault. 

All downloadable material will have the word "Download" in the title.  For example, "Download_SellerLeadSheet".

After you click on the download folder, you will be directed to a screen where you will be given a clickable download link which will allow you to download the material. 

In addition, in most cases the title will also have a date within it denoting the latest version of the file you are about to download. 

In the event there is no date within the title, please consider the material as our most recent and updated version. 

You will be able to download files such as our most recent seller lead sheet or company operating procedures manual. 

We will update our files and videos periodically on an as needed basis. 

If there are certain files or downloads missing or you are experiencing technical difficulties, please email training@rehabvault.com for further clarification and direction.  

Please continue below for training videos.  Each section below will have a brief description of the training videos included. 

Before you continue however, please read our (c) Copyright Notice!

(c) Copyright NOTICE: The material included in this training center is intellectual property of Rehab Vault, LLC and shall be guarded as such.  None of this material can be shared without the written permission of Rehab Vault, LLC.

Seller Lead Sheet - How Best To Complete It!

This is the nuts and bolts of our acquisitions department.  The seller lead sheet training link you see below will take you through a series of several 5 minute videos where you see the owner and founder of Rehab Vault fill out a seller lead sheet in detail. 

In addition to seeing video tutorials of how the seller lead sheet is completed, you will hear a commentary of the mind-set that's necessary to be in place when talking to any sellers. 

Please pay attention to this video tutorial and to the best of your ability try to follow the procedures exactly as they are laid out. 

There our specific psychological reasons why the lead sheet is to be completed as described.  Do not try to reinvent the wheel... instead follow the procedures in the below video tutorial and you'll be impressed with the results. 

Download material currently available after you click the above link!

  • Seller Lead Sheet (Excel File with Macros)
  • Detailed Offer Explanation - this breaks down how we come up with our offers. (Word Document)
  • Offer Summary - this is a stripped down version of the offer explanation above. (Word Document)
  • Offer Email Template (Note Document)
IMPORTANT: Some sellers require a more thorough detailed explanation while others are perfectly fine with a generalized offer.  You will have to pick and choose which method you use depending on the seller you are speaking with. 


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