Attention Real Estate Landlords & Rehabbers: I Have A...


I Have Discovered A Way To Secure An 'Endless Supply' Of Cheap Local Homes For Pennies On The Dollar That Are "PERFECT" For A Quick Rehab & Flip OR To Keep As Rentals...But There's No Way I Can Personally Buy Them All So Instead Of Losing Them...I'd Like To Pass Them On To You!

And that's why I contacted you. 

I've learned you currently own some investment properties of your own and I have a property right now and will have many others down the road that I'm looking to sell off really cheap to serious investors that buy at least 1 or 2 homes a year. 

If that's you...keep reading. 

If not, I'm sorry I contacted you. 

Because, let me be blunt, I can only work with you if you're a serious player and can close fast, close with cash and don't ask a ton of questions but instead know a slam dunk deal when you see one. 

Truth is, I'm a real estate wholesaler and will be offering properties to you at tremendous discounts.  The deals I offer will NOT be found anywhere else.  These are my deals I personally control with no 3rd parties involved and I'll be looking to assign them for a quick, modest profit and move on. 

I am constantly securing bargain-priced properties that are perfect for rehabbing...or to add to your rental portfolio and you can get your hands on them before anyone else does. 

All you have to do is add your name, email address and phone number to the right and I'll contact you with some details on what I have right now.    

Do this now before it's too late.  With the type of profit margin I'm leaving on the table, this deal will go quick.     



Mikk Sachar, Real Estate Wholesaler

PS. All my properties are offered at very deep discounts.  Typically the price is 60% below market Value.  Please be ready to act quickly when you receive an e-mail from me.


YES, Give me Your BONUS Report and I Want To See a VIDEO of What's Available Now & Receive "PRIORITY NOTIFICATION" Of Your Future Wholesale Deals!

These deals go quick and I don't want you to miss out so please provide me as much contact information you can because I will try all channels to get in touch with you.  Your cell phone information is crucial as well because I often text these opportunities to you too.




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