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Mikk Sachar has an MBA in Finance and currently owns his own real estate investing company called Rehab Vault, LLC.  After 10 years working in the trenches of the mortgage industry, Sachar has cracked the code on pre-foreclosure investing, especially short sales.

After realizing he can only handle a limited number of real estate deals personally, Mikk now wholesales/sells some of his bargain pre-foreclosures to other real estate investors looking to invest in York, PA. To be added to his priority list of buyers, visit where you can expect to buy bargain real estate in York, PA.

Starting out pretty much blind in this arena, Sachar soon found a very unique way to stand out in the crowd by growing his business with very personable YouTube videos where he is "brutally honest" about the disrepair and sometimes awful smell of the properties he's wholesaling.  This approach has made Sachar the go-to source for local real estate bargains and a very well-known face.

The national exposure of YouTube even lead to Sachar being interviewed by Scotsman Guide since York County PA was named by Realty Trac as one of the top 10 places in the nation for real estate investing.

In addition to wholesaling, Sachar maintains a healthy inventory of rental properties ranging from single family to multi-family and also buys, rehabs and sells properties on a regular basis. 

A major part of his investing strategy also includes buying quality properties to hold long-term and resell on Rent 2 Own agreements to deserving local families. 

He’s also often seen mentoring other real estate investors looking for practical and actionable advice.

His prior careers have included working in the healtchare valuation practice where he determined the value of doctor's offices, assisted living facilities and nursing homes which were being bought up by HMOs.

He worked with a Big 5 Accounting firm - KPMG - as a Healthcare Valuation Analyst when he decided that corporate America just wasn't for him.  As a result, Sachar jumped head first in the mortgage business in early 2000 as a mortgage broker.  After garnering considerable experience working in the trenches of the mortgage business, Sachar decided to start investing in real estate and started his real estate investing business in 2004. 

Mikk has been married since 1999 to his college sweetheart Denise and has 2 children ages 14 and 11.  His oldest daughter's name is India and his son's is Athen.

He is an avid golfer, tennis, soccer player and world traveller.

He’s also a board member of York’s local real estate investing group called Real Estate Investors of York.

To reach Mikk, you can email him at

You can also join me on Google+ but email is better if you have a question! 
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